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Skid Steer Tires And Wheels | Pneumatic & Solid Rubber

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 Ward Equipment and Prowler Industries supplies skid steer tires and wheels for many different applications. From conventional tubeless pneumatic tires and wheels to heavy duty flat proof solid rubber tires, Ward Equipment will have the right skid steer tire and wheel for you. We offer a wide range of products from standard duty tires for moderate users and resellers, to heavy duty users and demolition. Ward Equipment offers a solution to fit the budget and needs of all of our customers.

Pneumatic Skid Steer Tires
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 Ward Equipment has a complete line of pneumatic, tubeless, skid steer tires manufactured to navigate any terrain. No matter if it's mud, snow, rock, sand, or abrasive surfaces, Ward Equipment will have the right skid steer tire for you.

 And don't worry about any shortage in our inventory as we stock in excess of 1000 tires and wheels in 10x16.5, 12x16.5, and 14x17.5 sizes at any given time.

 All Ward Equipment tires were manufactured to provide excellent stability, comfort, puncture resistance, and extended tire life. We ourselves have been in situations where a flat has halted our entire operation. And nearly every time it was due to a poorly constructed tire. Our skid steer tires have been researched, designed, and manufactured with the highest quality standards one should expect to handle the elements of construction, demolition, agricultural and snow removal.

Solid Flex Skid Steer Tires
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 Our Pro-Flex “Progressive Flex” technology has taken the aperture design to another level with a new approach to the flexibility of solid skid steer tires. Most flat proof skid steer tires have two designs; single or double aperture. Single hole aperture designs often work well under a heavy load but are nearly as stiff as foam filled tires. Conventional two hole aperture often ride well but can fold under heavy loads. Over time stress cracks can appear from the constant folding, and uneven collapsing of the tire and holes.

 Prowler’s PRO-FLEX tires overcomes both of these issues with “Progressive Flex” design. This is the only aperture tire available with large and small aperture holes strategically engineered and positioned to have a cushioned ride but withstand the heaviest loads. The larger diameter aperture holes on the outside provide a softer ride while the smaller inner aperture holes help support the heavier loads. The result, a solid skid steer tire that provides an excellent ride but wont “fold” under pressure.

Skid Steer Wheels
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 Ward Equipment offers heavy-duty replacement skid-steer wheels for all makes and models of skid steer loaders. Our Super Duty skid steer rims have a 3/8” steel center that has a 360º weld for maximum durability. Strength and quality is not always expensive. Our Super Duty skid steer wheels are not just stronger than OEM but cost less.

 All Ward Equipment skid steer wheels come standard with Stem Guards, and upon request we can provide stems too for those who are only purchasing new wheels. We also have a number of color variations for your wheels so be sure to mention the make of your machine so that we can color match your wheel to your skid steer machine.