Prowler Premium Grade Replacement Rubber Track Systems

PROWLER RUBBER TRACKSServing since 1998, Prowler has been supplying the construction industry with premium grade replacement rubber tracks for Mini Excavators, Track Loaders, Mini Skid Steers and Dozers.

Made of all natural rubber and high quality synthetic rubber compounds including carbon black, and continuous steel cords that are protected with thick vulcanized rubber, Prowler leads the way in today’s modern track manufacturing. Prowler tracks are produces under strict quality guidelines and have ISO 9001 Accredited Certification.

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Rubber Track Design and Components

  • Continuous Steel Cord Technology

    The inner steel cords of our track systems are wrapped continuously to provide maximum strength. These inner cords are protected with thick vulcanized rubber used to protect them from deep gouges that could ultimately allow moisture to penetrate to the steel bands. Once moisture reaches the cords, corrosion will form and eventually premature track failure will follow soon thereafter.

    rubber track steel cords

  • Steel Link Embeds

    Cast steel links are embedded within our metal core tracks providing a strong skeleton for your Mini Excavator, Dozer, or Track Loader to roll upon. Wing guides are integrated within the links, and designed to prevent jumping track while operating on steep slopes or while making sharp turns. The steel links also provide a solid platform to allow your drive sprocket to properly engage your track system.

    rubber track steel link

  • Rubber Track Carcass And Tread Compound

    rubber track compundThe rubber used to makeup the Prowler track systems come straight from the ParĂ¡ rubber tree where it undergoes a series of purification and strength building processes specific to the equipment they would later be used on. Some tracks may have a higher duromter rating, some may have a higher carbon black content. All this has been tested exhaustively to assure that your new rubber tracks will provide a longer service life, lower your operating cost, and minimize or even eliminate the possibilities of downtime.

  • Rubber Track Warranty

    rubber track warrantyAll Prowler rubber tracks are backed with up to a 18 month warranty, and honored by us since “Prowler” is our design and brand. There is no 3rd party vendor that is involved in our warranty decision making unless otherwise stated. We have found that most failures happen within the first few hundred hours of use, so Prowler is quick to cover 100% of the tracks value, including shipping, if the track fails within the first 3 to 4 months of ownership. After that, the track depreciates 25% of its value every 3 to 4 months and the buyer is responsible for shipping cost unless otherwise stated.

    Compact Track Loaders, Multi-terrain Loaders, Mini-Skid Steer Loaders, and Mini Dozers carry a 12 month 1000 hour warranty that begins from the date of sale. Mini Excavators carry a 18 month 1500 hour warranty that also starts from the date of sale.

    If you need to file a claim we ask that you take photos of the failure immediately. We also need photos of the undercarriage parts (the drive sprocket specifically), the serial number on the track, and a photo of the tracks as they sit on the machine. You can then give us a call and you will be asked to send us the pictures via email, or by phone for examination. A decision is usually made that same day depending on what time of the day the claim was made.

    If the track failure was caused by something other than a legitimate failure, we will do our best to help identify where the underlying problem may be.


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